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Nate Storm

Nate Storm

“We’re back on in 3, 2, 1…”

Nate Storm gave the camera, one of many in the studio, his most winning smile as the light indicating they were On Air once again lit. To his left Sheila Winters, famed talk show host, matched that smile with her own, her perfect teeth shining in the studio lights against her nearly ebony skin and even darker hair.

“Welcome back, my friends. Our next guest needs no introduction, I’m sure! He’s had quite the career already and there are plenty more years of fame ahead for him. Award-winning bodybuilder, reality TV star, daredevil action film actor, one-time fashion model, and now, the next big deal in the controversial Diabolical Wrestling Council. Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for the incomparable, charismatic, and let’s face it, natural heartbreaker, Nate Storm!”

Nate’s smile widened and he stood from the comfortable plush chair, waving as if to encompass every member of the cheering, clapping audience behind the cameras. The applause grew and, with a tilt of his head, Nate slowly removed his signature sunglasses and adjusted his open, lightning-patterned coat, revealing chiseled abs to the delight of the audience before returning to his seat.

“Thank you Sheila. This audience is something else,” Nate said, pausing with another head tilt and a sly wink. “In fact, it’s … electric.”

A few screams rose from the audience, the catchphrase delivered with perfection. Sheila applauded as well, showing her appreciation for the man and his performance. Anyone who knew her well knew she was thinking about how well this episode of the show would do in the ratings.

As the applause diminished somewhat, she directed her attention back to the interview. “You’re appearing in your first Pay-Per-View, Crossroads, this weekend, but before we get to that I have to ask. How did you become a pro wrestler after such a wild career? You could have done anything, and I have to think the other options would have been a bit less dangerous, don’t you agree?”

“Well, Sheila, it’s a great question, and I haven’t really answered it fully before today, so I’m glad you asked.” Nate’s response, his delivery, was perfectly measured and thought out, meant to convey authenticity but, in fact, completely scripted and rehearsed, the hallmark of a career actor.

“After the reality TV incident we all know about but, in fact, I can’t even say the name of the show due to the terms of the settlement, I hit a rough patch in my life. I wanted to disappear from the public eye, truly, but my family could see that would be a problem before long.”

“It was my older sister, who many of you know as Marla Jacobs, who got me started with the DWC a few years ago. I bet many of you don’t remember any of those early matches! I was a jobber, a nobody in a luchador mask to hide my identity while I learned how to wrestle.”

“Really?” interrupted Sheila. “You didn’t want anyone knowing who you were?”

“Absolutely not!” laughed Nate. “I was terrible. But it gave me purpose, it saved me, but after about a year I started getting better and finding my way. And it was also around that time that I landed the role in Heroes Die All The Time and found my way back into the spotlight.”

“Even while we were filming, I kept practicing, because I had one goal I’d told nobody about. I wanted to experience the crowd, the excitement, and become a superstar, not just some nobody getting tossed around all the time. As soon as the film came out, I went to Dave and begged for a chance to prove myself.”

Nate paused dramatically and Sheila leaned in, listening intently the way only the best talk show hosts know how to.

“To my surprise, he listened and agreed. I think the film’s success and my name recognition had something to do with it, but that’s where Nate Storm was born! And, this weekend…”

Nate stood, pointing at the camera, at the audience, his muscles bunching on his arms, sliding the sunglasses back on his face.

“…I’m coming for that TV Championship belt! You hear me, Hemlock Hayes? I’m coming for you and I’m not leaving until I’ve taken what’s rightfully mine!”

The audience, Sheila, and even the camera crew all jumped to their feet, applauding, and Nate held his pose just like he held their attention during yet another masterful performance.


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