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Who Are You Guys Anyway?

For starters, we’re gamers. Most of our design discussions come in the middle of an RPG campaign or a random board game. We don’t talk on the phone … we talk while we’re finishing a video game fetch quest. 

When we first started Grimmsteel Games, we were focused on creating adventures for the tabletop RPGs we still love to play. That was the company’s mission, something we’d talked about for years. The company’s path drastically thanks to a simple question while playing a popular card game: “Wouldn’t it be cool to make a pro wrestling version of this?”

Less than a month later, we had the rough prototype in place for Diabolical Dave’s Rumble Throwdown, and we discovered we’d embarked on the journey down the path of board game development instead!

Diabolical Dave?

That’s right. Diabolical Dave’s Rumble Throwdown is our first game, currently going through extensive playtesting before we launch crowdfunding later in 2023. 

Start out as a newcomer to the Diabolical Wrestling Council and work your way up through the ranks, challenging a variety of superstars to lay claim to the ultimate prize – the coveted DWC World Championship!

Learn more about Diabolical Dave’s Rumble Throwdown here.