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Diabolical Dave's Rumble Throwdown

Time: 1-3 hours

Players: 1-6

Rediscover the golden age of professional wrestling in Diabolical Dave’s Rumble Throwdown, a competitive and strategic card-based board game experience! Playing the role of a new wrestler in the Diabolical Wrestling Council, you’ll climb the ranks and experience every aspect of a pro wrestling career during your quest for the ultimate prize: the DWC World Championship!

Create Your Wrestler

Decide if you want to be a popular Face or a hated Heel and build your wrestler. Starting with your wrestling Style and unique Gimmick, you’ll increase your wrestler’s abilities by playing countless combinations of exciting wrestling moves, colorful attire, dangerous weapons, and special abilities.

Defeat the DWC Superstars

Standing in your way is a roster of Superstars who call the Diabolical Wrestling Council their home. You’ll enter the squared circle opposite some of the wildest, devious, vibrant wrestlers imaginable. You’d better come prepared, because these Superstars won’t hesitate to showcase their custom finishing moves with you as the victim.

Live the Total Pro Wrestling Experience

Diabolical Dave’s Rumble Throwdown takes you beyond the ring, encompassing every aspect of a pro wrestling career. Rising through the ranks as you hone your craft, you’ll see it all. Hold interviews with a cast of DWC commentators, lock into heated feuds with Superstars, navigate the fickle tastes of the crowd, and even overcome injuries and other setbacks during your quest to win the World Championship … and the game!

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